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"Primordial Ooze" Dark Faerie Water Pipe

"Primordial Ooze" Dark Faerie Water Pipe

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"Primordial Ooze" Dark Faerie

In tribute to a Dark Fae Coven I imagined during a shared delusion among foes; ie at the DnD table. This dark slime bong is one of several 'Dungeons & Dragons' inspired water pipes featured in the shop. However "Primordial Ooze" is a peek into my own imagined Dark Fae Realm. 

Modeled + Hand-Painted:  This dark faerie water pipe is dripping in a color shifting chameleon slime that can appear and just as quickly shift from black, to violet or teal depending on how the light hits it. Also features purple and teal mushroom caps that climb the glass tube and peek out from the ooze as well as a resin ram skull.

Crystal Mix:  Includes asymmetrical electroplated color-shifting crystal tower, and black glass prisms

Includes:  Includes Downstem and a 14mm Male Bowl.

The Specs:  Clear tube is approximately 12" tall, and 9mm thick to protect your investment. (Standard glass is typically 5mm thick for comparison. Ice Catch is Standard.

Handmade to Order. No two pieces will be the exact same.

These pieces are intended to be functional works of art and should be handled with a lil' extra TLC to keep her sparkling. Care and cleaning instructions are included with every order.

Purchase confirms you are 21+ years of age and purchase is legal where you live.

Turnaround time is reflective of handmade, made-to-order items. Longer wait times may be experienced during holidays, or high volume sales events.

 Please read all shop FAQs & Policies prior to purchase to understand made-to-order process. 






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