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Freddy's Dream Phone

Freddy's Dream Phone

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Freddy's Dream Phone

A collaboration with Dungeon Of Delirium

I had been dreaming of creating a Freddy Phone for my own home decor for some time, but nothing quite inspired us like the release of The Barbie Movie! An opportunity presented itself to mashup one of my all time favorite Horror villains and an iconic bimbo archetype. Be still my heart.

The concept was born to not only recreate the phone inspired by "A Nightmare on Elm Street" but to create a full shelf display that brought you back to girlhood in 1984! Freddy's Dream Phone box is packaging you won't want to part with! Includes LED color-changing lights and remote.

The phone will be mounted in place for display, but the box is yours to open if you choose! I personally am of the nerds. We do not open toy boxes. But you are an adult after all, so you can do whatever you'd like.

Dream Phone Box Dimensions; 14" Long x 9" Tall x 4" Deep

Batteries ARE included! Lights are on removable mount and take 3 AAA Replacement Batteries.

Sound Clip included, but you can replace batteries and/or re-record audio at your discretion!

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