Our Process

Our Made-to-Order Process:

Confirmation- Your order is confirmed! You will receive an email confirming your selection, as well as the shipping address you have selected. Please confirm that your information is accurate, and update us ASAP if it’s not. This email means you’re officially in the queue. 

Processing- In about 1-3 weeks you’ll receive a “processing” email. This lets you know, your order is at the top of the queue and is entering production. Now is the time to get excited, order a bottle of Piece Water and refresh your email on repeat for your shipping notification. In a hurry? Upgrade at checkout to rush your order. 

Shipped- Finally after waiting patiently like the bad ass appreciator of handmade items and small businesses you are, you will receive your shipping notification. This email will contain your tracking information to follow your new designer glass all the way home.

Delivery- Carefully unwrap, and enjoy 💕 

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I expect my order?

Everything listed is Made-To-Order. Everything is worth the wait.
The process and production time for each order varies depending on the scope of the project and the orders in front of yours. Please allow 3-6 weeks for production + shipping updates. Holiday wait times can be up to 8 weeks!


Where do you ship?

Some of our biggest customer bases are the United States, Canada, and Australia.
Shipping costs are automatically calculated for you at checkout.
If it is legal to ship water pipes in your country/area and you're willing to pay the shipping and any associated import taxes, duty and fees, then I am willing to ship to you all day, everyday xo
No longer shipping to the following as of 01/01/2021
  • United Kingdom
  • South America
  • New Zealand


How do you clean the glass?

Always use with a resin resistant solution such as Piece Water to pour clean. If you don't have any on hand, then pour your water after every sesh. Keeping your water clean keeps your glass clean.
You can gently wipe down the exterior with warm water and mild dish detergent if needed.
It is never recommended to soak or submerge custom art pieces. Chemical agents such as alcohol or acetone can and will damage art pieces. 


Can I send you my glass to customize?

Absolutely! Glass must be brand new and never have been used prior to shipment. Shipping is at your own risk and expense.


My package/purchase has been lost/stolen/damaged. What do I do?

While I do insure every single package I ship, Little Ghost Bootique is not liable or to be held responsible for mail theft or loss.

If you suspect your package has been lost/stolen/damaged first contact your local post office with your tracking number to notify them of the issue. The postal carrier will have more answers than I will once it leaves my hands.


Contact me to let me know what's happening. I will do everything I can to assist in filing a loss claim on your behalf for replacement to get you taken care of!

If your item has been damaged during shipping, then do not use your product! Please notify us within first 24 hours of delivery. Take photos of the package it was sent in, the damage(s) and email them to hello@littleghostbootique.com. Keep all pieces and reseal in shipping box. I will email you a return label for repair or replacement. Please promptly inspect your purchase in order to stay within warranty guidelines. Damages reported more than 24 hours after delivery may not be covered.