Little Ghost's 2023 Spooky Stoner Gift Guide

Little Ghost's 2023 Spooky Stoner Gift Guide

Little Ghost Bootique has been delivering the bongs of your dreams (or nightmares) since 2019. Always a huge fan of anything creepy, gothic, witchy or horror related and it shows year after year with the new themes and styles we release for spooky season! Here are the top 5 Horror and Halloween Holiday Must Haves of 2023 from Little Ghost Bootique. 


Our 2023 Top Tribute's to Horror Include


1. "Killer Klowns From Outer Space" - Glass Beaker

Killer Klowns From Outer Space! One of Chelsa's favorite films and what better way to celebrate the 35th Anniversary, than by getting the Cotton Candy Cocoon wrapped tube featuring Jumbo and Rudy.  

2. "Monster Blood Water Pipe"

It's a Goosebumps Revival and we are dying for it!! Bring on the nostalgia with this UV reactive green slime tube reminiscent of "Monster Blood". Throw in a few nods to your favorite spooky books like The Haunted Mask, Revenge of The Gnomes, A Shocker on Shock Street, and Night of the Living Dummy. Completely customizable and just in time for the new series reboot! User beware, you're in for a scare!


3. "Silver Shamrock" Halloween III Water Pipe

Must be the season of the witch! This retro throwback is sending subliminal signals to put on the mask and load the bowl! A handpainted tube to in a nod to the 1982 Cult Classic. Featuring the three iconic masks of Skeleton, Pumpkin, and Witch, as well as a vintage TV with hand painted Silver Shamrock Logo. This VHS inspired tube also includes some creepy crawlies to set the mood for vintage horror!


4. "Ichabod Strain's Sleepy Hollow"

For the more sophisticated spooky palette Little Ghost Bootique presents The legend of Stoner Hollow. This beaker is for the collector of unique art and oddities as it truly is a special occasion piece that puts form over function. The base is inspired by my own visit to Sleepy Hollow, one of my favorite places in the world to celebrate Halloween! A headless horseman emerges from the fog of this pumpkin covered graveyard, ready to cough off your head! 


5. Art The Clown "Terrifier" Water Pipe

Last but certainly not least, The Miles County Clown! We are obsessed with Art and the Terrifier movie series and can't wait for what savagery Art comes up with next! Featuring a Blood Spatter Tube, Custom Hand Painted Art the Clown, and accessories. Because Art is our favorite Barbie this year, and we know he wouldn't be caught dead without his signature trash bag, hack saw, gallon of bleach and revolver. Landing in our Gifts under $200 category, a must have pick-up for the Horror Collector this holiday. 

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