What to Expect

Welcome to Little Ghost Bootique. I’m not a regular shop. I’m a cool shop.

Launched in 2019; as a one woman operation, Little Ghost resonated with the beautiful misfits of internet subcultures:

Mental Health Advocates

Kink Communities + Sex Workers


Horror Fanatics

E-Girls and Aesthetic Collectors

and Really Stoned Witches

Outside of the ever evolving inventory not much has changed at the core of it all. Magic; made-to-order. Community for all. There is no “back room”. There is no instant gratification, prime shipping or ass kissing. Just real people passionate about connection, community and being authentically you. 

We're here for the weird. 

In 2021, Little Ghost Bootique has committed to a 5% profit share between benefitting suicide prevention, and ending intimate partner violence. We selected national organizations; 'American Foundation for Suicide Prevention', as well as 'NO MORE' based on their tireless efforts to advocate for survivors as well as their inclusivity of marginalized communities.  

The Made-to-Order Process:

Confirmation- Your order is confirmed! You will receive an email confirming your selection, as well as the shipping address you have selected. Please confirm that your information is accurate, and update us ASAP if it’s not. This email means you’re officially in the queue. At any given time there are about 70+ orders in the queue. Don’t worry it moves quick, but you do have to wait your turn. I promise good things are worth waiting for!

Processing- In about 5-8 weeks you’ll receive a “processing” email. This lets you know, you’re approaching the top of the queue and your order is entering production. Now is the time to get excited, order a bottle of Piece Water and refresh your email on repeat for your shipping notification.

Shipped- Finally after waiting patiently like the bad ass appreciator of handmade items and small businesses you are, you will receive your shipping notification. This email will contain your tracking information to follow your new precious all the way home.

Delivery- Carefully unwrap, and enjoy 💕 

Click here to read our FAQ in full prior to ordering. All sales are final.

Meet the Maker

Chelsa Darling

Magic Maker

Part Wednesday Addams, part Martha Stewart. Restless wanderer with a rock n' roll heart.  Party enthusiast ready to paint the town pastel! Lover of the macabre, and practitioner of mixed arts to cope with mental illness. Residing in Denver... for now.