Processing and shipping time has been delayed due to Covid-19 Pandemic. However, new orders are still being accepted and handled with every safety precaution and extra care. 

Please allow at least 4 weeks for shipping updates in addition to regular turnaround time (see FAQ) 

Thanks for your support and patience xo


Please be sure to read in full prior to ordering. All sales are final. 

Do you ship to...?:

If legal to ship in your country and you're willing to pay the shipping, then I am willing to ship to you all day, everyday xo

Can I send you my glass to customize?: 

Absolutely! Glass must be brand new and never have been used prior to shipment. Shipping is at your own risk and expense.

How do you clean the glass?: 

Custom pieces are intentionally called "functional works of art" because they are intended to be purely decorative. 

Although not intended for tobacco use; always use with a resin resistant solution such as Piecewater to pour clean. Keeping your water clean keeps your glass clean. 

You can gently wipe down the exterior with warm water and mild dish detergent if needed. Never soak custom pieces.

Avoid using alcohol or chemicals on your glass.  

I ordered a piece yesterday and I haven't received the tracking information:

Similar to most artist markets, everything on this site is "made-to-order" unless otherwise indicated as "ready-to-ship". 

The process and production time for each order varies currently between 7 to 10 weeks (Updated: 8/20/20) depending on the scope of the project and the orders in front of yours. On average expect at least 4-6 weeks turnaround time on all glass orders. Sometimes less and sometimes a little longer. I try to ensure each piece is worth the wait! 

You can't rush the good stuff. 

My package has been lost/stolen/damaged what do I do?:

Little Ghost Bootique is not liable or to be held responsible for mail theft or loss. 

If you suspect your package has been lost/stolen/damaged first contact your local post office to notify them of the issue. The postal carrier will have more answers than I will once it leaves my hands. 


Contact me to let me know what's happening. I can initiate an insurance claim on your package to replace it if necessary. 

If your item has been damaged during shipping, then notify me as soon as possible. Take photos of the package, the damage and email them to me.  Keep all pieces and reseal in shipping box. I will email you a return label for repair or replacement.  


Meet the Maker

Chelsa Darling,

Little Ghost Bootique

Part Wednesday Addams, part Martha Stewart. Restless gypsy with a rock n' roll heart. Party enthusiast. Using the arts to treat mental illness. Ganja connoisseur; born in the Rockies, designing bongs in the desert.